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Tina Desmarais is a Masters level Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor. She has worked in the mental health field since 1991.  In private practice since 2001, Tina works with individuals, families and groups.  Using an innovative interactive approach, she helps her clients face life challenges with both traditional and non-traditional solution focused, nature inspired therapeutic approaches.  

Tina's personal journey has been strongly influenced by her relationship to nature and her connection to animals, especially horses. In her interactions with both people and animals, respect, honesty and trust provide the foundations of her work. 

Tina studies and works with many alternative healing techniques including Medicinal Herbs, Flower Essences
, and Dowsing.  She is a Oneness Facilitator and offers Oneness Experience upon request. 

Also known for her skill as an Animal Communicator, Tina has helped many people and their animal friends overcome behavioral issues, illnesses and grief.  

Natural Horsemanship is one of Tina's passions.  With her horses as therapeutic partners, she believes a "natural" approach is vital.  Understanding and respecting the horse's point of view is what natural horsemanship is about.  Keeping it natural means teaching without the use of force or punishment. 

Tina has learned many techniques of natural horsemanship from a variety of trainers who were taught by the legendary master horseman, Ray Hunt.  The primary focus of this approach to training is respect and leadership that develops a true partnership with a horse through communication, not fear or intimidation.  One of Tina's many passions is teaching her horses how to stay focused while having fun.  Horsemanship is way more than riding!

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Where love and self-awareness grow.

The best remedy for those who are afraid, lonely or unhappy is to go outside, somewhere where they can be quiet, alone with the heavens and nature.
— Anne Frank


This beautiful girl is "RS RS Firegirl Elite" aka: Sadie

Sadie is an APHA registered Bay Tobiano Paint (RS RS Firegirl Elite is her registered name).  Sadie was born May 12, 2003 and at 16 hands she's the biggest horse in our small herd. 

She is a mellow girl with a sweet temperament. However, when she feels "spunky" she might be a bit bossy.  Sadie and Jake have a very special bond and usually are side by side in the field. When not working, she loves to nap in the sun or in her always open stall with Jake standing watch.  You will often see her in the field running beside Jake while playfully nipping at his flanks. 

As a therapist, Sadie is insightful, but more tactful in her feedback than her friend Jake (who can be very direct).  Both Sadie and Jake are masters at picking up subtle energy during activities with clients. 

Sadie loves rubs, scratches, and brushing as much as Jake loves praise and Gabe loves snacks.


Meet Gabriel aka: Gabe

Born in early 2004,  Gabe is the youngest and the most vivacious of the herd.  He is mischievous and loves to perform tricks.  Gabe has to "touch" everything and unlike many horses, he seems to have no fear of new things.  Gabe loves to play with his buddy Jake, and to boss Sadie around. 

Because of his boldness and exuberance, Gabe is only used as a therapy horse with some hand chosen people.  He loves being the center of attention and sometimes his need to be the focus distracts from the process with shy or quiet clients.  Gabe is the first one at the gate, waiting to welcome a visitor to Nirvana Farm.  He is a bit of a show off.  If he thinks you might be watching, he may take a bow, pick something up to give you or step up onto a stump and wave.  When Jake and Sadie are relaxing in the sun, Gabe will often be off playing with any number of horsey toys, or just romping around the field.  If you are visiting with him, watch out for his nimble lips.  Gabe has been known to grab a hat off a head, or a glove from a pocket and we alway have to keep doors and gates locked because he can quickly open them and get into all kinds of mischief.


Sadie's first day